Applied Pressure Massage Clinic

About Me

Hi, Im Cagney Whiten LMT#1097, I am  a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 15 years of continued education, training and certification.  I attended Blue Cliff College in Gulfport, MS where I later graduated with a Massage Therapy Diploma in 2007.  Over the years I have worked with Medical Physicians and in Spas.  My training and certifications are; Hot Stone Massage, Hydro Therapy Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Therapeutic Massage,  Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Post op Pain and Care, Oncology Massage, Swedish Massage, Cupping Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Body Contouring,  Facial Massage and Applications. 


I believe that Massage Therapy serves as a strong force in Self-Healing and no two sessions are ever the same.  My mission is to provide natural solutions along with promoting relaxation to support Self-Healing through Professional Therapeutic Massage and Body Work.  Every individual will be provided with a treatment plan customized to their specific needs incorporating  Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork with Relaxing Massage Modalities.  Here at Applied Pressure Massage Clinic your not just getting a massage...your getting a plan...and the pressures on!! 


Hope to meet you soon!!

Cagney Whiten

LMT 1097